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304 area code is located in West Virginia

Offering virtual phone number service for companies for years. Businesses are being helped as well as gaining reputation through our quality virtual phone number. A number of reasons are hidden behind both our success as well as our customers' success. Even freelancers are also using this virtual phone number service for their cold calling businesses. If you are looking for a virtual service number provider, you are at the right place.

How we have found success in the tech industry

A number of reasons have taken part behind our success in the tech industry.

Areas come under 304 area code

It is a quite wise decision that you target the areas in 304 area code. When you use your phone number using this area code, the people of this area will love your business. There is huge possibility of business here in Delaware and other cities that come under 302 code.

Most important cities are

All aforementioned cities are populated enough to boost your sales and business. So, you should be thinking about buying a phone number for this area code.

What is the technique to be successful in 304 area

In this era of ultra modern technology, it is not enough to provide quality service only. People demand more from a business. Premium quality products can be found in many businesses but all don’t shine in the market. So where is the difference ? the difference is how you have served your customers. Our virtual phone number is one of those technologies that will help you give customers quality service.

Consider that your customer has called you after making a purchase from your shop. Now for any need, that customer has called you but you couldn’t make things clear due to bad calling experience.

That customers won’t either call you again or come to you for the second time. Because people value time more than money.

So you must ensure that you have a smooth communication system integrated in your business. Our company will help you in acquiring that smoothness.
Taking organic food and save your life
West Virginia has always been a focus for new startups because of the diversity of people here. any new business can find success but that quality must be premium. There are some reputed businesses headquarters, branches in the area of 304

West Virginia Health System

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services

CAMC Health System

How we are helping our clients

We don’t depend on luck only, nor do we leave our customers. We ensure that every user is getting the best from us.
Using our features like call directing, business owners are improving their lifestyle. This may seem to be funny but this is the truth.
Now they can stay in their houses or on tour but stay with their businesses at the same time.
They don’t need to answer all the calls from different customers. Their deployed teams are receiving their calls.
Overall, we are 24/7 ready with the service of our customers.

Free features that come with the phone number service

Purchasing our 304 Area Code offers you premium features to enjoy which include:

You will get the facilities like

Call directing

Call recording


Call forwarding

Free cloud PBX

Call waiting

Short messages

24/7 free service

Who should buy this service?

If you are starting a business anywhere in the world but are looking for customers in the US or canada.
You have a business in the US but are trying to attract more customers toward your business.
You are trying to set up a business in any part of the US.
If you are trying to expand your business and have targeted US customers.
If you are a freelancer or freelance service provider and you need to call US people on a regular basis.
If you are not getting enough customers to survive with business. In all of the above cases, you should buy the phone number instantly and let us handle the rest.
What is the process and how much it charges
Activation process is super easy and needs only 60 seconds to activate. You don’t need anything to know about technology or something else. No new device is needed to access the virtual phone number. Your own smartphone device is enough for accessing this service. Just buy our package and we will activate the phone number. You are getting the scope to choose the phone number including the area code 304. Charge is only 4.99$ per month for a single phone number.